Honda Smile Mission is a daily radio show where a reporter travels all over Japan on a car named Petiteco introducing each area of Japan.

Currently, the listeners are limited to those who commute by car. Our mission was to find a way to increase communication and interaction with more people, and attract interest to capture new listeners.


We turned the show's equipment car, into a car radio-personality who can talk by itself!


Only a week after the launch, this car radio-personality became a huge topic in Japan, being featured on TV, newspapers, internet, huge spread out on SNS sites… it even got invited to be a guest at rock festivals.

In less than a month, the number of visitors to the show’s website increased 10 times and was more than 2 million people. We gained many new listeners!

We structured an original radio personality dialogue system

The car's communication skills evolve with a machine learning technique as the journey continues.

Conversations with people created the show

Everyone was able to communicate with Petiteco on the website and twitter, check the car's current location, get info about interesting local places and recommend it next destinations.

The car's specialty is free-style rap

To hit it off with the local people, Petiteco does a free style rap featuring local places, things, and people that it met.